Arma 3 Malden

Malden is a 62km2 large rocky island based on Lefkada, situated in the Mediterranean sea. In Arma’s lore, it forms part of the Maldenian Islands, together with Everon and Kolgujev. The terrain is downscaled and further edited to suit our goals. I created several small and large locations (towns, countryside areas, and airport), development plan and I was responsible for many things you can read below. Malden is available as free DLC for all owners of Arma 3. The development is closely tied with Argo, a free game developed simultaneously with Malden.

 22 June 2017  Windows PC  Level Designer  1 year 5 months


  • Environment Design – areas that were out of scope for Argo project
  • GIS – roads, powerlines and other stuff related to GIS, import/export, maintenance
  • Multimedia –  OPREP – Malden 2035, cooperation with a video team, GIS data for a printed map, in-game texts and hints
  • Team leadership – planning, roadmap, responsibility to deliver the terrain in time
  • After release support
  • … and bufixing, playtesting


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