Patch 1.20

As a long time Vietcong 2 player, I had to listen to complying and whining about the game for a quite long time. I had enough of that and did something, what’s totally awesome and right. I decided to change the game and started working on a small modification that later changed to a full, yet unofficial patch 1.20. I couldn’t make the patch alone. Vietcong 2 had a small community and finding the right person wasn’t easy (from a certain point of view it was actually). Mikko joined the team of two after a small chat between us and we set our goals. My responsibilities were all configs (weapons, movement etc), new models (imported from a demo), a new map Citadel and interaction with the community. We released Patch 1.20 in Summer 2012.


Defwen – project lead (configs, Citadel map, map bugs, ported things from demo, smoke artillery)

Mikko Рprogrammer (additional .dll files, new console  and startup commands, map downloader)

daan24# – external support

Vilu, John, Murphy – beta testing

Download “Vietcong 2 - Patch 1.20 [NI]” Vietcong2_patch_1_20_noinstall.rar – Downloaded 2047 times – 80 MB

Download “Vietcong 2 - Patch 1.20 manual” patch120_manual.pdf – Downloaded 940 times – 261 KB