Patch 1.20

Patch 1.20 is an unofficial patch for Vietcong 2, a game powered by Ptero-Engine III. I played Vietcong 2 for several years and heard many complains about the status of the game. I had enough and one day I decided to step up and change it. I started to work on small modification that later changed to a full, yet unofficial patch. Vietcong 2 had small community and finding a person that could help you was very hard. I was very fortunate and FOUND Mikko, a young programmer from Finland. While I was working on config files to balance weapons, movement animations and effects, Mikko was tasked with codding support. I also imported several models from Vietcong 2 demo and fixed several bugs on released maps as well as prepared for release a new map, Citadel. The patch 1.20 was released in summer 2012.


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Download “Vietcong 2 - Patch 1.20 [NI]” Vietcong2_patch_1_20_noinstall.rar – Downloaded 2890 times – 80 MB

Download “Vietcong 2 - Patch 1.20 manual” patch120_manual.pdf – Downloaded 1124 times – 261 KB