Anthill is a custom map for Rising Strom, a game powered by Unreal Engine 3. The map is based on British campaign in Burma during World War 2 and heavily inspired by Burma level in Hidden & Dangerous 2.  Compared with my other maps, Anthill is relatively small but still maintains high 64 player count support. The map area was part of much bigger, not released map RSTE-Torokina which was never finished. As I love to experiment with new stuff, Anthill was first map where I paid big attention to sound environment and its atmosphere.

Anthill is available on the Steam Workshop. A topic on the TWI forums is open to your suggestions, ideas and bug reports. As the map is in a beta stage, your feedback is crucial for me. See links below.


Game engine: Unreal Development Kit

Latest version: Beta B3

Development: 3 months, 5 days

Initial release: 2. 4. 2015


Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity………ils/?id=550637935

Direct download:

TWI Forums: https://forums.tripwireinteracti../6587-rste-anthill