Mayako is my first map for Red Orchestra 2 and its expansion Rising Storm. The map has seven classic objectives and one satchel objective, eight in total. Fight your fight thru unforgivable jungle, rice fields, flank the enemy via tunnels and fight for a temple of unknown warrior. Mayako is slightly inspired by Checkpoint, a map from Vietcong 2 and an area around Hue Vietnam. Otherwise, it’s not based on any real event during WW2.

Mayako is available on the Steam Workshop. A topic on the TWI forums is open to your suggestions, ideas and bug reports. See links below.


Game engine: Unreal Development Kit

Latest version: Final V4

Development: 1 year, 28 days

Initial release: 19. 2. 2015


Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity………ils/?id=395378652

Direct download:

TWI Forums: https://forums.tripwireinteracti../php?t=102550