A custom map originally created by M. Palko. I’ve taken over the map and been improving it since spring 2015 (version B5 and later). With B8 version, map have become the most popular map on the Red Orchestra 2 Steam Workshop with over 2k subscribers and 11k visitors. It looks, by numbers, my mission to fix the map is being successful so far. The map offers a unique combination of indoor close combat and outdoor open field fighting. Capture the outdoor area to enter inside the SubBase for the final objectives!

SubBase is available on the Steam Workshop. A topic on the TWI forums is open to your suggestions, ideas and bug reports. As the map is in a beta stage, your feedback is crucial for me. See links below.


Game engine: Unreal Development Kit

Latest version: Release Candidate RC1

Development: 8 months, 20 days

Initial release: 2. 4. 2015


Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity………ils/?id=414838923

Direct download:

TWI Forums: https://forums.tripwireinteracti../php?t=95044