Yonabaru is a custom map for Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm, a game powered by Unreal Engine 3. Situated as land area on Okinawa island, the map offers to players a large variety of areas, including an airport or a town. The player takes a role of either US Marine and tries to push the enemy out of the area or as a Japanese SNLF soldier and defends the objectives. It’s my second and most mature map for this game. Every map I created presents a certain attention to detail. Mayako had micro-terrain, Anthill advanced sounds and Yonabaru has scripted events. As gameplay flows, players can notice a squadron of planes flying above their heads, American bombers that bomb the town or suicide “kamikaze” pilot against a naval vessel in the distance. The map was highly appreciated by the community and is ranked by five stars of five on Steam Workshop.

 28 June 2015  Steam Workshop  Windows PC  Level Designer  1 year 22 days

Yonabaru is available on the Steam Workshop. A topic on the TWI forums is open to your suggestions, ideas and bug reports. As the map is in a beta stage, your feedback is crucial for me. See links below.


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You can download this mod at Downloads page.