Yonabaru is my second map for Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm. Unlike Mayako, Yonabaru is based on the real events during the battle of Okinawa. To be more exact, Shuri Line – 1945. The map offers a very different area setups and combine them into one and fun map for every player. Go door by door inside a small, war damaged town, fight for your life thru sunny jungle and for a nearby airport.

Yonabaru is available on the Steam Workshop. A topic on the TWI forums is open to your suggestions, ideas and bug reports. As the map is in a beta stage, your feedback is crucial for me. See links below.


Game engine: Unreal Development Kit

Latest version: Beta B7

Development: 1 year, 22 days

Initial release: 28. 6. 2015

No. of meshes: 7998


Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity………ils/?id=471044192

Direct download:

TWI Forums: https://forums.tripwireinteracti../6422-rste-yonabaru