Ukrainian Volunteers

Volunteer units played an important role in the beginning of War in Donbas as Ukrainian Army was in very bad shape. Most of them never held a rifle before yet they all volunteered to fight for Ukrainian freedom and sovereignty.

Based on three months research, the list includes all active volunteer and half-volunteer units created to face the aggression in the east. The list is divided into categories: National Guard, Patrol Police Special Task Units, Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial battalions, Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, independent units, foreign units and disbanded units.

Second version, released a month later, added more information such as commanders portraits and current area of defense. Some insignias were edited or created from scratch.

Edited: UNSO, Gorin (2), Kyiv (12), Kyivan Rus (25), Kharkiv-1, Slobozhanshina
Created from scratch: Kharkiv-2, Kherson, Lviv, Kirovohrad (17), Georgia National Legion, Shelena Zhraya


V1: 09/10/2015

V2: 10/10/2015

V3: 02/02/2016

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