Ukrainian Volunteers

Ukrainian revolution and the following war in Donbas caught my attention. I have been following the conflict since it’s begging in 2013 and gradually gained various pieces of information. Two things really caught my eye, insignias and military equipment. I transformed my knowledge into infographic materials that I released on social site

List of Ukrainian volunteer units was released April 2015. The list contains unit’s insignias categorically sorted by its submission. The second version was released a month later. The needed graphics overhaul came with the third version released in February 2016.

Month by month, the volunteer units in Ukraine evolved and it was impossible to keep updating one large image. I made a decision in 2016 to create a website dedicated to Ukrainian volunteers. The idea was thwarted by my personal life and all concepts were put on hold. I returned to it in 2017 and on the 1st of January 2018, the website has been put online. contains a list of all Ukrainian units, volunteer or regulars and is being constantly updated with new information.

As a result of more than four years of following Ukrainian conflict I am able to:

  • identify Soviet armored fighting vehicles, including their variants such as T-64B or T-64BV
  • find military resources or information regarding a conflict
  • write about anything related to Ukrainian conflict, including providing resources

Ukrainian conflict is not the only one I follow, I also keep an eye on Syrian civil war, Iraq war, Yemen crisis, and Karabakh issue.


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