Argo (previously known as Project ARGO) is free 5vs5 PvP game made by Bohemia Interactive. The project is very closely tied with Malden. The island of Malden was originally only for Argo, but it was later decided to release it for Arma 3 as well. Locations were built based on the design of game modes and it was necessary to keep an eye on provided metrics. A part from making and testing the levels, I was responsible for analytics interpretation in QGIS, creation of internal reports and propagation materials such as loading screens or screenshots. The game shipped with three different game modes and was released on Steam in summer 2017.

 22 June 2017  Windows PC  Level Designer  1 year 5 months

Level Design

My main task on Argo was design of gameplay locations. Each scenario had different requirements and metrics, which I needed to follow. From 2D sketch to gold status, I successfully created dozen locations. I closely work with creative director, Ivan Buchta, on these locations. Creation of location is one thing, bugfixing is the other. We paid a lot of attention to bugs and fixed more than ten thousand of them. The very last step was performance adjustments because some locations didn’t run well. I was responsible for analysis of our situation and create reports what affects the performance most. Based on these reports, all of our levels were optimized.


I work closely with programmers and analytic department on development and pipelines of analytics for Argo. It was first game of Bohemia Interactive which needed graphic analytics, not just statistics. We decided to project the analytics in QGIS, which we used for road development on Malden. I had to learn the projection tools in QGIS and generate the images for other level designers and departments. After the release, I was responsible for creation of analytic reports. Such report includes updated analytic maps of every released map and other statistics, which were provided by analytic department.


I loved to take cinematic screenshots and when I released several on social media, it caught an eye of other team members and I was tasked to create loading screens for additional maps such as Houdan, St. Louise.

The look back

Argo was developed by small team in Brno. I was relatively a newbie in Bohemia Interactive but I had lot responsibilities, which I didn’t mind. It allowed me to work closely with all departments, get to know all the people and learn the internal pipelines. When our team was dissolved and people moved on different projects, I know there won’t be anything similar. Why? We were small team, we know each other and if we had a problem, we knew where to go.


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