Arma 3 Malden

Malden is a 62km2 large rocky island based on Lefkada, situated in the Mediterranean sea. In Arma’s lore, it forms part of the Maldenian Islands, together with Everon and Kolgujev. The terrain is downscaled and further edited to suit our goals. One example of our ‘fictionalisation’ is a desert area, which offers a great environmental change and gameplay – but cannot be found in real life. The environment of Malden includes open fields, dense forests, orchards, desert and many more interesting areas. Compared to Altis or Stratis, Malden is much greener, and its set of vegetation is slightly different. Our aim was to create unique look and, from the feedback posted by our community, it looks we were successful.

 22 June 2017  Windows PC  Level Designer  1 year 5 months

Environment Design

Several locations, mainly towns, were created for Argo and required minimal attention for Arma 3. What however stayed untouched was the countryside and sea. I had to quickly forget about level design and reorient on the environment design of Arma 3. Thankfully I had our creative director, Ivan Buchta, nearby who taught me what makes Arma terrains great and what rules is needed to follow. It was truly an amazing ride to finish Malden. What really stood out for me was the design of lighthouses. I was in contact with sailor and we designed placement of lighthouses according to reality, including the colors. I also overlook the progression of new assets and was actively in contact with artists. A part from that, I was also responsible powerlines placement, which I designed from scratch and final look of roads.

The team

We started working on Malden (Argo & Arma 3 DLC) with three people. The development was led by Ivan Buchta. During 2016, the team grew up to five people and was given the responsibility of leading the strike team. It was huge experience and amount of work for me. When the team was back at three people, lead designer, Lukas Haladik, took over and it helped me a lot as I could focus on level design again. As I was person who knows the most about Malden, I was responsible for team planning till the official release and all the additional stuff in terms of release. It should be noted I was not appointed, I volunteered to most of these things.



I cooperated with multimedia department in terms of official screenshots and trailer. I wrote OPREP – Malden 2035, which was great experience and I really enjoy it. I also wrote the text for welcome screen, in-game guide and cooperated with our graphic artist on printed version of Malden, where I provided all necessary GIS data.

The look back

It was great and unique journey. It was my first large project in Bohemia Interactive and Malden will always stay in my heart. If somebody would tell ten years ago that one day, I will work on the remake of Malden from Operation Flashpoint and will sit together with people such as Jarek Kolar or Ivan Buchta, I would just laugh. Yet here I am, writing this last sentence. #nevergiveup


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