Ukrainian Volunteers

Reasearch| since 2014


Ukrainian Revolution and the following war in Donbas awakened in me a huge interest in military units and equipment. I have been following the Ukrainian crisis since the first days of EuroMaidan in 2013 and I gradually became more and more immersed in all related topics.

Volunteer units caught my attention and after a year of research, I released a list of Ukrainian Volunteer Units on Reddit in 2015. The infographics were received positively among the Reddit community and motived me to improve and release two more versions with updated information.

Gained knowledge

  • Structure of Ukrainian Military and volunteer units.
  • History of Ukrainian War, including battles and tactics.
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian uniforms, equipment, and vehicles.
  • Ability to describe differences between Soviet/Ukrainian military equipment, eg. T-64B and T-64B1.