Arma Reforger

Bohemia Interactive | PC | Environment Designer | ~ 1,3 year

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I moved to Arma Reforger in September 2020. I was initially responsible for converting the old Everon heightmap from Operation Flashpoint to Enfusion and its modification to adapt the island to modern standards. The whole process was done in World Creator, a terrain generation tool.

My focus later shifted to location design and exploring new pipelines. I designed the southern part of Everon, including various towns, nature locations and the well-known castle.

Along the designing and manual work on the island itself, I was exploring a new way of developing large open world terrains for Arma series. I was hugely inspired by the GDC’s Procedural World Generation of Far Cry 5 presentation and sought the similar approach for Arma terrains.

However, the Houdini approach was later moved aside in favor of manual polygon GIS-style generation.


  • Terrain heightmap – conversion of the original Everon heightmap, applying filters, erosion and generation of masks
  • Location design – creation of design documents, placing 3D models in the world, terrain sculpting, iterating based on the received feedback
  • Procedural environment generation – vegetation scatter in Houdini, researching new ways how to make terrains
  • Enfusion designs – writing up design documents for Enfusion’s World Editor features, research of other engines and related technology
  • Placeholders – creation of placeholder models using Modo


I worked on the following locations until my departure in November 2020.

  • Saint Pierre and its surroundings
  • Castle
  • Southern valley area, including Dourdan and Vernon settlements
  • Regina and its surroundings
  • Morton and its surroundings
  • Levie, the military base nearby and its surroundings
  • … and all the areas in between

Arma Reforger was developed by Mnisek office of Bohemia Interactive with a support of other offices, including Brno. The game is powered by proprietary Enfusion engine and was released on May 17 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Everon island is based on Krk island in Croatia. I visited the island in 2021 to admire the land I helped to create.


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