Last Train Home

Ashborne Games | PC | Senior Level Designer | ~ 3 years

Last Train Home is a real-time strategy game which follows the story of Czechoslovakian Legion during the Russian Civil War in 1918-1919. I worked on the game since pre-production till the final release in November 2023.

My initial work focused on level concepting alongside creation of placeholder models, wishlists and historical research. I designed the railway network from Moscow to Vladivostok and created the concept of all local area maps using World Creator and GIS data.

My primary job on this project was creation of levels for real-time strategic battles, which are the core of this game. Some of my maps were hand sculpted from a scratch, while others began its life in World Creator and later edited in Unreal Engine. Apart from a map design, our department also took care of level scripting via Unreal’s level blueprint and custom in-house functions.


  • Level Design – from concept to final version, object placement, terrain sculpting and painting, iterating based on the feedback
  • Level Script – mission flow, patrols, events, in game cutscenes
  • Placeholders – creation of placeholder models using Blender
  • Research – historical and factual research, creation of wishlists
  • World Design – railway network, placement of points of interest, vegetation variety for bioms, GIS data
  • Train View – one of the eight train views in the game
  • Local Area View – providing layout, concept and necessary data to art department
  • … and of course, playtesting and giving feedback


Later in the development, I decided to help our Art department and took under my responsibility one of the eight Train View maps in the game. The map spans from Novonikolaevsk to Nizhneudinsk and represents 800km large terrain.


  • Penza
  • Novonikolaevsk
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Chany
  • Canyon
  • Irkutsk
  • Harbin
  • Bochkarevka
  • Tundra Ambush
  • Train View from Novonikolaevsk to Nizhneudinsk

Last Train Home is available on Steam and GOG. The game was released on November 28, 2023, and is developed by Ashborne Games, a THQ Nordic first-party studio. Last Train Home is powered by Unreal Engine 4.


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