Community Modification | PC | ~ 5 months


I gained a lot of experience during the development of Patch 1.20, mainly I understood how the config files of Vietcong 2 works. The logical step for me was to use my knowledge and continue to develop more modifications for Vietcong 2. I decided to develop a sound mod, first of its kind in Vietcong 2 community. My first steps led to fixing all sound config files and later I started adding new sound samples and features.

I released DSM (Defwen’s Sound Mod) in summer 2012, shortly after Patch 1.20. Unfortunately, the code and samples were “borrowed” by several other mods and I decided that DSM is my last modification for Vietcong 2.


  • New sound samples for all weapons
  • Bullet drop effect for all weapons
  • Reworked audio config files
  • New sound samples for various effects


Direct download