Vietcong 2 and GameSpy services


May 31, 2014 is the day when GameSpy will cease all its services. While this action will permanently disable server browser for Vietcong 1, 2 and all its demos, there is a option how bypass it. Your server should not be effected by this change and you should be able to join a server directly via startup command. It’s very simple, create new shortcut for your Vietcong and to parameters add this (without <>):

-join <IP> <hostport>

The server needs to have open all necessary ports. Game version 1.00 has a bug with direct connection and it sometimes doesn’t seems to work. Patch 1.20 didn’t fix this completly but has made this problem rarer.

To host a server you need an open IP address. If you are using router, please make sure you have all necessary ports open. You can set up your hostport at your desire, usually it’s 5000.

It’s highly recommended to test your server before GameSpy shutdown aka 31st May. You cannot test your server without other players afterwards.

If you are using GameSpy account together with your Vietcong 2 profile, you need to unlink the GameSpy account from your profile.

It’s possible that CD-Key authentication will not work for some players (mainly those who bought the game after 2007 when GameSpy changed CD-Keys version).

It’s possible that non-ded servers can cause problems.