Yonabaru B4

RSTE-Yonabaru version B4 is available on Steam Workshop and ro2rs_maps (see links below).
New screenshots uploaded to Steam Workshop, feel free to check them out.


[NEW] Objective in a town added (Name: Town Center)
[NEW] Interior for a factory

[CHANGED] Location of an objective G (Name: Military Barracks) and its area reworked
[CHANGED] All spawn points adjusted to be less than 200m from its dedicated objective
[CHANGED] Left building of a factory replaced by a train station
[CHANGED] Forest area reworked
[CHANGED] Lighting reverted to B1 version
[CHANGED] Fog density
[CHANGED] All areas are more detailed

[FIXED] Last objective (Name: Airstrip) was causing a crash
[FIXED] Spawn protection areas adjusted

[REMOVED] 1st objective (Name: Frontline)
[REMOVED] 2nd objective (Name: Hill 226)
[REMOVED] Area related to objectives above

Known issue:
Overhead map is outdated.

Bear in mind that this is a beta version and it lacks some core features such as:
Cover nodes
Building interiors
No Arty Volumes
AI waypoints

Please report any issue, feedback is welcome.

Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471044192

Direct download: https://defwen.com/ro2rs_maps/