Bohemia Interactive | PC | Level Designer | ~ 1,5 year

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Argo was my first released work at Bohemia Interactive alongside Malden terrain for Arma 3. Several locations on Malden were selected for PvP modes and built according to provided metrics. As the aim of Argo was originally e-sport community, we had to pay extra attention to timing, access points and gameflow of each location.

I was always interested in level analytics and the project lead gave the chance to achieve my vision. My mission was successful and Argo was the first game of Bohemia Interactive where level designers used heatmaps and other analytics data to improve their levels.


  • Level Design – creating a level according to the design of a gamemode (three gamemodes in total), optimization
  • Analytics – pipeline creation, QGIS visualization, reports
  • Multimedia –  loading screens for additional maps, game modes and events
  • Team leadership – planning, map selection
  • … and of course, playtesting and giving feedback


  • Cancon
  • Airfield
  • Dourdan
  • Le Port
  • Houdan
  • Saint Louis

Argo was released on Steam on June 22, 2017 and it includes three different PvP modes and Coop mode.


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