Community map | PC | Level Designer | ~ 4 months


Anthill is a symmetrical map for Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm. Set in 1942, player visits Burma jungle with deadly Japanese bunkers on every corner. Dense green fog, heavy rain, and limited supplies make a very unique atmosphere that was loved and hated by players. The sides are divided by a key objective in the middle, bridge.

Originally twice large, I was working on Anthill alongside another large map, Yonabaru. It became unachievable to create two large maps at the same time and I decided to cut Anthill’s size. The map is inspired by one of my favorite games, Hidden & Dangerous 2, and the first mission of Chapter 4.


  • Tense atmosphere od Burma jungle
  • Custom set of audio for nature
  • Available weapons and equipment matches the year 1942
  • Up-to-standard of official maps
  • AI Bots support allows players to enjoy the map in singleplayer
  • Custom lighting settings

I released a beta version on November 8, 2015 and adjusted the map according to the player’s feedback. The last version, B3, was released on July 3, 2016.


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