RSTE-Yonabaru B2 released

Second version of RSTE-Yonabaru is available on Steam Workshop.

[NEW] Partial support of bots

[CHANGED] Objective B (Crossroad) reworked
[CHANGED] More meshes for Objective A (Frontline US base)
[CHANGED] More meshes for Objective C (Destroyed Village)
[CHANGED] Lighting (See details below)

[FIXED] Players couldn’t spawn on SLs

Current bugs/missing features:
– sounds
– cover nodes, mantle (currently only in the most important places)
– interiors
– non playable areas are flat empty
– possible issues with SpawnProtection volumes

Lighting change:
Mostly positive feedback have been received so far for B1 version. However I was forced to change it as from gameplay perspective, the map wasn’t enjoyable.
B2 has fog and different lighting to limit long-range fighting as much as possible. I’ll return to B1 lighting in a future I promise. It’s a temporary change.

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