Vigor update brings a new snow map

The latest update for Bohemia’s free-to-play game Vigor brings, besides many bugfixes and improvements, a new map called Batterie: Snødekt.

Coffee breaks aren’t just relaxing but also creative, to some degree. Batterie: Snødekt is a perfect example of such. A few months ago, we talked about converting one summer map into winter and I accepted the challenge. Batterie Draug was a good fit for this test. I began to remake the map in my spare time and it slowly turned into a map the team wanted to release officially. I received full art support and I was allowed to finish the map during my working hours. Big kudos to the artists for their support, the new trees really help the feeling and atmosphere of the map.

You can visit the dedicated page to learn more about my work on Vigor or head to my ArtStation profile for screenshots of the map.