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My name is Jarek though I’m more commonly known as Defwen online. I am a passionate gamer interested in level design, game environments, and map tools.

I have begun my level design journey in 2013 when I started to draw on paper my first map, Mayako. Over a few years, I made multiple maps for Red Orchestra 2 and was an active member of the Red Orchestra’s community. The success of custom maps allowed me to turn my hobby into a job.

I joined Bohemia Interactive in 2016 as Junior Level Designer to work on Malden, an island for Argo and Arma 3 DLC. I eventually became responsible for the island and after its release in 2017, I moved to work on Vigor. Over the course of three years, I made several maps from scratch to gold, including optimization for Xbox One and the creation of placeholder models in Modo. Apart from level design, I also designed and overlooked the development of Bohemia’s own plugin for level analytics.

I currently live in Brno, Czech Republic, and work as Environment Designer at Bohemia Interactive on not yet announced game. I also explore the beauty of procedurally generated terrains in software such as Houdini.